UrpoJob Class Reference

Base class for jobs (abstract). More...

#include <urpojob.h>

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Public Types

enum  JobStatus {
  Ready, Running, Successed, Failed,

Public Slots

void start ()
 Start job.
void cancel ()
 Cancel job.


void debugMessage (QString message)
void finished (bool successed, QString errorStr=QString())
 Job finished (successed of failed).

Public Member Functions

 UrpoJob (UrpoConnection *connection)
JobStatus getStatus () const
 Job status.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void startJob ()=0
virtual void cancelJob ()=0
void finish (JobStatus status)
 Finish job.
void fail (QString errorString)
 Finish failed job.
UrpoConnectiongetConnection ()
 Get connection pointer.
void sendDebugMessage (QString message)
 Send debug message.
UrpoProcessnewProcess ()
 Create new UrpoProcess.
void setStatus (JobStatus status)
 Set job status.

Detailed Description

Base class for jobs (abstract).

Arto Hyv├Ąttinen

Definition at line 40 of file urpojob.h.

Member Function Documentation

void UrpoJob::fail ( QString  errorString  )  [protected]

Finish failed job.

emit finished() with error status and message

Definition at line 61 of file urpojob.cpp.

void UrpoJob::finish ( JobStatus  status  )  [protected]

Finish job.

  • status Job status (Successed, Failed, Cancelled)

Definition at line 52 of file urpojob.cpp.

void UrpoJob::finished ( bool  successed,
QString  errorStr = QString() 
) [signal]

Job finished (successed of failed).

successed True if job successed, false if failed
JobStatus UrpoJob::getStatus (  )  const [inline]

Job status.

Job status (Ready, Running, Successed, Failed

Definition at line 59 of file urpojob.h.

void UrpoJob::sendDebugMessage ( QString  message  )  [protected]

Send debug message.

message Message to debug monitor

If debug monitor has been connected, send message to debug monitor

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