PrintWidget Class Reference

GUI Widget of Urpo printing. More...

#include <printwidget.h>

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Public Slots

void setStatus (QString message=QString(), bool busy=false)
 Set status information.
void setReady (bool ready)
 Set ready to print.
void browseFile ()
void doPrint ()
 Press browse button.
void doCancel ()
 Press print button.


void cancel ()
 User press Cancel button.
void reconnect ()
 User press Reconnect button.
void print (QString file, QString options)
 User press Print button.

Public Member Functions

 PrintWidget (QWidget *parent=0)
void setPrinters (QStringList printers)
 Set printers.

Detailed Description

GUI Widget of Urpo printing.

Arto Hyv├Ąttinen

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Member Function Documentation

void PrintWidget::setPrinters ( QStringList  printers  ) 

Set printers.

Set printers and enable printing if printer exists

  • printers List of printer names

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void PrintWidget::setReady ( bool  ready  )  [slot]

Set ready to print.

Enable print button and set status message to ready

  • ready Is ready to print

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void PrintWidget::setStatus ( QString  message = QString(),
bool  busy = false 
) [slot]

Set status information.

  • message Message to show. Use html tags for red error color
  • busy Show busy progress bar

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